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Documentary Films – MOJA: A Story of Music

MOJA is an eight-volume audio adventure that tells the story of African-influenced music and its journey from Africa to modern America through the experiences of seven generations of the Ellis family. MOJA features skits, sound effects, and original music, with performances by 500 musicians, artists, producers, and Grammy® winners and nominees from around the world. The project’s integrity was paramount, with over 90 recording sessions from actual locations that the story takes us along the Diaspora, adding to the authentic ambiance of the project. MOJA’s creators, including Grammy-winning bluesman Bobby Rush, djembefola Grammy nominee Weedie Braimah & producer Carl Gustafson, worked diligently to ensure regional accuracy and authenticity throughout the series. The saga follows Moja Muziki, a fictional character who represents the diaspora’s impact on the world, as she survives slavery and uses music to light her path in times of darkness. MOJA is an audio drama like no other, taking listeners on a musical journey through various genres, cultures, and countries, showcasing the triumphs and struggles of African Americans and their immeasurable impact on the musical history of the United States.


MediaLiberated is proud to be a part of the MOJA project, providing a full range of production & marketing services to bring the audio drama to life. Our team produced over 45 short films as part of the documentary production, capturing the essence of the story and the music it features. We also provided creative direction for the look and feel of the project, ensuring that it accurately represented the diverse cultures and settings throughout the saga. In addition to sound design for the audio drama, we commissioned original paintings, provided the website, custom NFTs, and organized the worldwide launch in February 2022. Our team also provided creative producing support as the voice actors were recorded at a local studio in Los Angeles, ensuring that talent’s performances resulted in the highest quality and accurately represented the story’s various settings and cultures. Through our range of services including Branding, Video Production, Motion Graphics, Social Media Management, and Digital Advertising, we helped to promote MOJA and bring it to a wider audience. At MediaLiberated, we are committed to helping our clients bring their vision to life and telling powerful stories through the medium of audio and visual media.
Documentary Filmmaking, Creative Direction, Branding, Video Production, StudioSessions, Motion Graphics, Social Media Management, Digital Advertising


MediaLiberated faced many challenges while working on the MOJA project, including delivering consistent branding across multiple channels and projects, managing complex timelines and deadlines, coordinating with a large and diverse group of musicians, artists, and producers from around the world, and adapting to changing creative direction and project scope. Despite these challenges, the team at MediaLiberated remained dedicated to delivering a high-quality product that accurately and authentically represented the MOJA story and its impact on the world of music. Through their expertise in documentary filmmaking, creative direction, branding, video production, motion graphics, social media management, and digital advertising, MediaLiberated was able to help MOJA reach a wider audience and share its message of unity and strength through the power of music.

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