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Comedy Special Film – Shaun Patrick Flynn: Male Nurse

Are you ready for a dose of laughter? mediaLiberated, the video production agency recently created a Netflix-ready comedy film for Los Angeles-based comedian, actor, and critical care nurse, Shaun Patrick Flynn. Shaun’s stand-up comedy is a unique blend of his experiences as an ICU nurse and observational humor about American society. His comedy has been described as dark, dry, and full of surprises. With extensive training in improvisation and acting, Shaun has performed at notable comedy clubs and venues across New York City and beyond. In July 2022, he released his first comedy special, “Male Nurse,” which is available on Amazon Prime Video and Tubi TV. When he’s not performing, Shaun works as an ICU nurse, caring for heart and lung transplant patients, as well as critically ill Covid-19 patients. Get ready to laugh and be entertained by this digital creator and ICU nurse extraordinaire.


At mediaLiberated, we offer a comprehensive range of video production services to our clients, including pre-production planning, location scouting, cinematography, post-production editing, and mastering. We had the pleasure of providing these services to create a high-quality comedy film for Shaun Patrick Flynn’s first comedy special, ‘Male Nurse.’ Our team worked diligently to ensure that every detail was captured, resulting in a film that showcases Shaun’s unique sense of humor, which has been described as dark, dry, and full of surprises. In addition to the comedy special, we also produced promo materials in the form of social media video clips and teaser videos. These materials were designed to create hype and promote the comedy special across various social media platforms. The film, which is a part of Shaun’s comedy special, is now available on Amazon Prime Video and Tubi TV, and we are thrilled to have contributed to its success. If you’re looking for a team of professionals to bring your vision to life and create promotional materials that stand out, look no further than mediaLiberated.
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MediaLiberated faced the challenge of creating a high-quality comedy special for Shaun Patrick Flynn that would capture his unique comedic style and vision while resonating with audiences. This required careful planning during pre-production, precise cinematography during filming, and extensive editing and mastering during post-production. In addition, creating effective promotional materials to generate hype and promote the special across various social media platforms was also a challenge that MediaLiberated successfully tackled. The team worked diligently to bring Shaun’s vision to life, resulting in a final product that showcases his talent and sense of humor.

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Comedy specials are a unique way to showcase the talent of comedians and entertain audiences around the world. At MediaLiberated, we specialize in providing comprehensive video production services for comedy special video production. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to ensuring the success of your event by capturing and showcasing the most important moments of your show. We offer a range of services, including live event video production, meticulous editing, and rush assembly, all tailored to meet the unique needs of comedy special video production.

We understand that organizing a comedy special video production can be a complex task, which is why we offer a turn-key solution for all of your video production needs. Our team takes care of everything from pre-production to post-production, ensuring a seamless and professional final product. We work closely with you to understand your vision and deliver a product that showcases your comedic talents and unique style. Let us help you shine a spotlight on your creativity and leave a lasting impact on your audience with our comprehensive comedy special video production services.

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